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For the attention of the President of the Council of Ministers, Mario Draghi,

We had barely rejoiced! The international press had welcomed this great news!

We were never to see these monstrous liners touch the quays of Venice again, taking the risk with each passage of destroying some of the masterpieces of this world heritage”.

This Thursday, March 25, 2021, we were so relieved to learn of your historic decision …

Since the terrible accident of June 2, 2019, which saw a “Grandi navi” crash on the edge of the Giudecca canal causing 7 injuries, we now know that with each passage a new tragedy can occur.

And here is barely three weeks after this historic announcement, we learn that despite everything, we are going to see again the distressing spectacle of these floating buildings passing in front of Saint Mark’s Square from the month of June?

So the chapter is not closed?

So what about the promises made? Does this mean that barely out of confinement, we will also find again mass tourism in Venice?

The Covid19 period has allowed a general awareness and you share it, That of the need to completely rethink the tourist model until now in force in Venice.

We, Venice lovers, enjoyed the images of a majestic, fascinating Venice, stripped of tourism that had become more than invasive; but we also saw during this period, so many extraordinary craftsmen, so many artists of glass, wood, lace, marbled paper, to struggle and to suffer enormous economic difficulties while continuing valiantly for to perpetuate a Venice full of artisanal riches.

So really, couldn’t Venice do without these Grandi Navi which will have the right to circulate again from the month of June?

Are we to understand that by coming back to this announcement, you are also promising us those muddled crowds which, once they get off the liner, will once again invade the streets?

So we sign so that the mistakes of the past can be learned the lessons of tomorrow, we sign to return as quickly as possible to Venice, we who are passioned amateurs.

We are signing up to be part of the actors of the renaissance of quality tourism in Venice, to be part of the adventure that will give this pure jewel of humanity the place it deserves.

The Pearl of the Adriatic has made you around the world the emblem of good taste, daring, and aesthetics. Help us to preserve It by maintaining the courageous decisions you have made.

You promised us a new model of tourism for Venice, we can’t wait to find out.

We sign not to return to tourism before the pandemic and to once again give Venice its position as an international crossroads of human, ecological and environmental wealth that will make the world of tomorrow.

We sign to never go back to the normal again.

Isabelle Kahna for Wings of Venice ” Les Ailes de Venise”

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