Welcome to the non-profit association “The Wings of Venice”

“The “Wings of Venice” is a French Voluntary association under to the law of July 1901 which aims to carry a solidarity and participative tourism project with the city of Venice and the Venetians.

An action born of the growing awareness of the destructive impacts of mass tourism on the city of Venice but also on its citizens and on its very social fabric.

The association “Wings of Venice” is devoted to the Venetian cause and to the preservation of its human and social identity threatened by both mass tourism (30 million tourists per year) and the increasing and forced exodus of its 53 000 inhabitants from the city historical center (They were 120 000 only 50 years ago).

The association is born of its member’s genuine adoration for the city but also from the alarming evidence of the gradual disappearance of the Venetian citizens and of their life style over the past twenty years.

Clearly, without the Venetians, the city of Venice will not avoid the pitfalls of museification and could ultimately become a theme park! 

During our frequent visits to the city we have come to realize that apart from our current expenses (hotels, rentals, restaurants, souvenirs …) we had little opportunity to take an active part in the Venetians’life. A Venetian life that is gradually disappearing with the exodus of its population.

The Wings of Venice gives you the unique opportunity to play an active role in preserving the authentic social fabric of Venice by supporting Venetian associations in a concrete way and from the comfort of your home.

Through our association, you have the opportunity to carry concrete projects by supporting selected Venetian Associations. Your financial contributions allow us to purchase supplies, and thus ensure the success of the Associations’ respective missions.  

You generosity also contributes to the development of local businesses, as we buy all the equipment’s exclusively from Venetian businesses.

We have established a quality charter that allows us to select associations and related projects according to specific criteria that you can check.