Sur la photo : Anna Ferrigno/Nicola Tognon/Alberto Alberti

Texte extrait du site de l'association :

"Onlus and Nizioleti was founded in 2014 March by the Union of two groups of volunteers born on Facebook in 2011 ( “I nostri masegni puliti e splendenti” e “Il passato e il presente dei nizioleti”).

Their members are animated only by love, care and respect for Venice.

They work in two directions. On the one hand, it is ordered to obtain the conservation and preservation of the restoration of cultural heritage, historical, identity, represented by the Nizioleti.  In this regard, the association has in fact confronted itself in a constructive and dialectical way, also at an institutional level, to correct errors and inaccuracies in the drafting of the Nizioleti in homage to the popular oral tradition.

On the other hand, the association is engaged in a fight against contamination, damage and disfiguration of the city. For years, its members have participated in the National Cleaning Day organized by the National Anti-graffiti Association, choosing important places in Venice, insulted by tags that are suppressed with targeted interventions.

There are several cleaning interventions aimed at educating the public and institutions so that, each in its field and its task, feels involved and responsible for the decoration and preservation of a unique and extraordinary reality that represents Venice and that the world envies.

Masegni & Nizioleti is an apolitical, non-partisan and open association of volunteers, based on properties and values of collective and transversal interest that belong to the Venetians by birth, adoption and intent;

For being Venetian it is above all a state of the soul, a condition of the spirit."

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