The associations La Compagnia della Marineria Tradizionale e Gli amici del Nuovo Trionfo

The Compagnia della Marina Tradizionale is a recognized association of social promotion and therefore not-for-profit, set up to start a project of recovery and reuse of the last traditional boats of the Northern Adriatic, from the lugger "The New Triumph". The latter vessel was purchased in April 2008.

The boat has all the historical characteristics to receive a decree of protection from the Ministry of Heritage and Culture that qualifies the nature of an important monument and historical-ethnographic witness, as already recognized for other Italian boats. We will proceed as soon as possible with the support of the National Institute of Naval Archaeology.

To date, the Association has more than 120 full members (including several nautical and cultural associations, some companies and many enthusiasts), each of which has paid at least 1,000 euros.