This year these actions have made you partners of the Venetians.

Your love for Venice, your generosity have made it possible to support these Venetian associations in material,
Here is how

A difficult year marked by acqua-alta and Covid19


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Immediately rescue the victims of the acqua alta of November 12, 2019, that's what said the young people of Venice Calls to themselves, mobilizing hundreds of students.

You supported them by offering them via Les Ailes de Venise more than thirty tall rubber boots suitable for the highest acqua-alta, water evacuation pumps , debris transport carts as well as gloves that we bought on site in a local store.

In April 2020, when the Covid epidemic 19 made Italy one of the most affected countries, you were present by their side by participating via a donation of 1000 euros from the Wings of Venice and Venice Calls in a crowdfunding campaign which enabled the ' purchase of masks and protective equipment for the nursing staff of the San Giovanni e Paolo hospital .;

Alessandro Rota et Sébastiano Colognato

masegni e nizioleti

A Twice this year,

we bought at the" Ferramenta Nicola "in a local store in Venice then offered in your name to the MASEGNI E NIZIOLETI association of brushes, scrapers, gloves, and t paint to clean the surfaces ugly by graffiti as well as well covers for two days of cleaning day:
on Campo Santa Margherita and on sotoportego della Madoneta .

Video : Maurizio Rossi


This is the whole of the NUOVO TRIONFO mooring line that we went to buy on the island of Chioggia which remains an island traditionally attached to fishing and which has a multitude of stores for boat equipment.

We made it possible to avoid the worst during the terrible acqua alta grande of November 12, 2019 since this brand new string kept the Trabaccolo moored.

A tiny hole in the hull caused water to enter and the boat to sag in the water. As a misfortune never happens alone, the water pump located in the hold could not be triggered due to the lack of electricity inadvertently cut off by the public services. The damage was significant but could have been fatal.

We were able thanks to offer you a motor generator, that is to say an independent electric circuit which will now allow them to ensure the autonomous operation of the water pump and the lighting of the shows and concerts they give on board and whose you can enjoy when you are a member of the Wings of Venice.


wigwam club giardini
storici di venezia

Building a green wall in the garden of the Chiesa dei Carmini , this is the challenge that we had given ourselves with the association WIGWAM CLUB GIARDINI STORICI DI VENEZIA .
This year, we have offered flower boxes, plants, gardening equipment (secateurs, hoes, hoes, gloves) , necessary for the initiation of this green wall that you can admire during your stay in Venice.


ALe lien que nous créons est un lien de proximité avec les Vénitiens et les associations vénitiennes ensemble pour le bien-être de Venise.


In 2021, let's continue to grow our projects by:

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