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VENICE CALLS is an association strongly committed to the themes of sustainability in Venice, the collection of waste, the fight against climate change, and the reduction of the use of plastic in daily life.

They notably stood out during the acqua alta in November 2019 and mobilized more. 2,000 students to lend a helping hand to the victims.

For this, they received the “Citizen of Honor Venetian” award of the year 2019 for the spontaneity, the help provided and the kindness of their gesture.

During COVID19 confinement, with the help of another Generazione90 association, they shop and deliver meals to the elderly to prevent them from moving around.

By making a donation to this project, you will allow us to buy and offer them equipment to continue cleaning beaches and the Venice Lagoon.

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Copyright photos: Venice Calls

…Offer the material to collect plastic waste

The Solidarity Wings  you acquire help us buy and offer the material for this association.

The amount of your donation will allow us to purchase the buckets, the landing nets, the gloves.

You can find all the details of what your contribution can do in the donation module.

In the donation module you will have the precise details of what your contribution can enable us to offer.

Each additional Wing  will allow you to increase your donation and strengthen your partnership action.

Thanks to the LES AILES DE VENISE, you can choose to support the one project closest to your heart as many time as you wish or you can also choose to support different projects !

Thus You ensure the sustainability of your action. ”

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By giving, you will: 

– 1. Receive the association’s friendship wallpaper dedicated to your name.

– 2. We mention your participation by placing your wings on the virtual solidarity wall on our page and also send it to you as wallpaper computer/jpeg photo..

– 3. The more generous your donation, the more you help us to offer material to the VENICE CALLS  association

– 4. You receive our thanks (Different forms according to the amount of donations – find the details in the donation module)

The more Wings you buy, the longer you stay on the wall of solidarity.