Became a Venetian’s Partner

Allow us to buy and offer in your name the material necessary for the restoration of this ancient boat.

With your gift,

– You allow this volunteer association to cover some of their expenses.

– You become a partner in their volunteer work and therefore a genuine Venetians Partner.

– You are symbolically acquiring wings that will be present on the wall of solidarity



Offer the renovation equipment

The wings of solidarity that you acquire serve us concretely to buy and offer the equipment for this association.

As an indication, a donation of:

– 10 euros allow us to offer in your name 1 knotted rope

– 15 eurosand you officially become a member of the Wings of Venice andyour donation allows us to offer 2 strings + moth repellent

– 20 euros, we offer the paint for the deck and/or hull and so on…

Each additional wing (EUR 5) will allow you to increase your donation and strengthen your partnership action.

Thanks to the wings of Venice, you can choose each time to give to a different project if you wish or to give again on this particular project that is important to you and to perpetuate your action.


With 30 euros buy the Amici del Nuovo Trionfo map which will give you  access to the boat on visiting day and other things to discover by clicking here:



Thanks… You will soon receive…

By giving, you will: 

– 1. Receive the association’s friendship wallpaper dedicated to your name.

– 2. We mention your participation by placing your wings on the virtual solidarity wall on our page and also send it to you as wallpaper computer/jpeg photo..

– 3. The more generous your donation, the more you help us to offer material to the WIGWAM CLUB GIARDINI STORICI VENEZIA association

The more Wings you buy, the longer you stay on the wall of solidarity.