How we Evaluate


The projects and Associations Partner

How do we choose the projects and associations we present to you?

These elements are important to know because they guarantee that your involvement through your donations will truly contribute to the building, your contribution to the protection and preservation of Venice.

We also like to work with these Venetian partner associations for their:


These associations contribute concretely to the improvement of the city of Venice and their actions are visible to all!

All their actions have a positive impact on the walls, floors, water of Venice etc... . These improvements are consistent, measurable and replicable.

But above all, their objectives reflect their value and commitment and have a genuine civil and social relevance.

On your next trip to Venice you will be able to see it for yourself ! You could even participate in one of the special days they organise throughout the year (Cleaning Days for example, garden festival etc...). You will just have to follow our timelines we present in "NEWS" on our site.



All  associations have a lifespan that exceeds 3 years.

Their sustainability and experience are a proof of the motivation of the team members to achieve their objectives.

The selected associations have a clear organization and a governing board defined in their statutes.  We have designated a privileged contact with the members of their management office, which is our referent and privileged interlocutor.

They are officially registeredas non-profit organizations (see where with the municipality),

The association's ability to forge partnerships with professional companies and demonstrate financial planning and economic management practices is thoroughly assessed.

The objectives must be respected and carried out on schedule

They have worked concretely since their creation and the impact of their action is visible and measurable.

Their action is supported by a website,  a facebook page or another social network.

These associations all have a solid reputation and have successfully reached out to the outside world (festivals, Cleaning Day, theatre performances or conferences).



They have clearly demonstrated their open spirit and enthusiasm to bring together people of good will around various projects.

For Masegni and Nizioleti for example is a Venetian who loves Venice (search for the exact phrase)

They have establishedstrong relationships with members outside their organization (foreign donors, foreign volunteers, etc.) which demonstrates their competence to act in a civil and respectful manner with countries or persons outside their city.

In addition to successfully mobilizing the driving forces within their own association, they have also reached out to other associations to ensure the success of their objectives.

This reflects their ability to adapt to unfamiliar environment.



We have a privileged contact with one of these managersand meet with him twice a month to deliver the equipment and report on the use of the equipment previously delivered.

We actively participate in event days and are at the heart of their actions.

We take stock of current projects and future needs. The idea is to never lose sight of the objective ensure that our material contributions serve the s achievement.

On our website “LES AILES DE VENISE” a community space is reserved for donors who can see how their donations have contributed to the project they are supporting

You can follow the progress ofall ourprojects on our website page dedicated to the association.