A motivated team

"More than Rome, majestic and haughty queen, even more than Florence, princess crushed under gold and prosperity, Venice is a woman-woman city. The Grand Canal is his scarf, the bridges without number are his bracelets. And churches, palaces, ochre or red houses are the jewels she adorns herself with" wrote Jean D'ormesson. It is therefore not surprising that at the origin of the Wings of Venice, the presence of women is predominant.

Isabelle Kahna - President, Finance manager Ag2r La Mondiale

Manager Finance in a large insurance company for 20 years, Isabelle has committed herself out of love for Venice in trying to build a solidarity and collaborative tourism from abroad, hand in hand with local Venetian associations convinced that respectful tourists should also participate in the reconstruction of the social fabric of Venice.
Judith Moritz - General Secretary - Regional sales manager Air Liquide
Judith loves Italy since she was a child and passed on this love to her husband and daughters. She is a woman of action who has a sense of justice and is sensitive to the well-being of people at home, around her, and even when travelling abroad. She is Regional Sales Director at Air Liquide. Big Traveller, she is convinced that solidarity tourism is not just an empty word and that links need to be recreated in a city as Venice.
Corinne Charote - Treasurer - Sales and Marketing manager Invitation à la Ferme
Corinne is a woman who loves the authenticity and depth of human relationships. She has invested herself professionally so that farmers can find short distribution paths and that they find a fairer remuneration adapted to their essential role. A woman of heart, the impacts of the consequences of tourism on Venice are at the origin of her commitment.

The Story

All driven by their love for the city and by the desire to leave a presence, a helping hand, a concrete achievement, the adventure of the Wings of Venice began long before its official creation in January 2018.

It starts in fact in July 2016 when after having visited the city for years and experienced its decline caused by a monoculture tourism, the invasion by 28 million tourists and the exasperation of its inhabitants were felt more than ever.

The subject is not simple and sometimes paradoxical between tourism, the heart of the city’s essential activity, and the need to preserve the authentic aspect of the city, its history, its craftsmanship, its unique way of life and its inhabitants.

Indeed, the tourist monoculture leads it to a progressive division of the city sold piece by piece, from apartments, to shops and workshops, palaces and administrative structures. This leaves little room for a future in Venice for young Venetians.

We have thus participated in several urban mobilizations of extremely diverse backgrounds (see press) because since the beginning of this adventure we are and want to represent only a part of the world’s citizens, unconditional lovers of the most beautiful heritage jewel of humanity.

The main activity of the Wings of Venice will be to support realistic and materially feasible projects for the Venetians in Venice through your donations and by seeking financial partners abroad.

Our objective is to provide equipment to volunteer Venetians who, despite the very high cost of living in Venice, take their time and money to maintain, improve and build in their city. We also purchase the equipment in local shops approved by these associations in order to deliver equipment and to have a very concrete action that can be audited for more clarity and reliability.




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