Become Venetians’ Partner

Let us buy and offer in your name the communication means to make this association of craftsmen artists known. They  meet and work in a  cloister that worth a visit.

With your gift,

– you become a partner in this advertising campaign to support them and therefore a true Venetians’ Partner.

– you symbolically acquire Wings that will be present on the wall of solidarity


Copyright photos: Artisti Artigiani del chiostro

…Offer Communication means

Thanks to your donation, We will buy as many flyers, promotional cards and/or leaflets as we could, to best promote the association,  so that this magnificent cloister and its artists will be better known.

The Solidarity Wings that you acquire serve us concretely to buy and offer the material that will make the exceptional place where this association works better known:  The former Convent of San Cosma and Damiano on the island of Giudecca.

In the donation module you will have the precise details of what your contribution can enable us to offer.

Each additional Wing will allow you to increase your donation and strengthen your partnership action.

Thanks to the LES AILES DE VENISE, you can choose to support the one project closest to your heart as many time as you wish or you can also choose to support different projects !  Thus You ensure the sustainability of your action.

Thank you… You will soon receive

Monica Martin thanks you.

– 1. Receive the association’s friendship wallpaper dedicated to your name.

– 2. We mention your participation by placing your wings on the virtual solidarity wall on our page and also send it to you as wallpaper computer/jpeg photo.

– 3. The more generous your donation, the more you help us to offer material to the ARTISTI ARTIGIANI DEL CHIOSTRO ’s association.

– 4. You receive our thanks (Different forms according to the amount of donations – find the details in the donation module).

The more Wings you buy, the longer you stay on the wall of solidarity.




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